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KILI Radio Presents
Lakota Olowan

with Matthew and Nellie Two Bulls

twobulls.jpg (15527 bytes)Lakota Olowan is a collection of 18 traditional Lakota songs, including love songs, honoring songs, memorial songs, and rabbit dance songs. Some of the songs on this tape were composed by Matthew or Nellie, and others were handed down through the family or community.

Songs in the Lakota Tradition

  • Lakota Nation Flag Song
  • President's Flag Song
  • Persian Gulf Veteran's Honoring Song
  • Soldier's Memorial Song (Icilowanpi Olowan)
  • HEAR IT NOW!Rabbit Dance Love Song  (Isna Wastekicilapi Mastin Olowan)
  • Education Song (Wounspe Olowan)
  • Rabbit Dance Medicine Song  (Hehaka Pejuta Wastekicilapi Mastin Olowan)
  • Penny Song (Mazasa Olowan)
  • Bronc Rider Song (Sunkwatogala Akanyanka Olowan)
  • Memorial Song  (Wicat 'a Wokiksuye Olowan)
  • Dancer's Memorial Song  (Waci Wicasa Wokiksuye Olowan)
  • Honoring Song for Young Man Afraid of His Horses  (Wicasa Itacan Icilowanpi Olowan)
  • Grandmother's Giveaway Song  (Wootuh 'an Olowan)
  • Leadership Through Culture Song  (Woitancan Olowan)
  • Take Courage Song  (Woitancan Olowan Wicakahniga)
  • Leadership Song  (Otukigie Woitancan Yuhapi Olowan)

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