03 Apr 2019

Fading Cultures And Heritage

World culture and heritage have been the benchmark of Human existence throughout the ages.

History has had it that culture has determined Human progress in all avenues of development that has seen us advanced to presently observable levels.

Lucrative For Progress

Lucrative for progress

It could be said that these planes of developments that we have emerged through following our intermittent phases of expansion and growth have evidenced positive objectives and more importantly forecasts likewise placing the future of our generations in a lucrative environment for continuous growth and expansions. World heritage has had many facets of burgeoning development throughout the ages. Such substantiation can be relevantly found recorded in our annals that vary from diverse forms of scribing, in books for instance and in other interfacing devices as a direct function of our technological development, and also as preserved in our collection of artefacts, objects of extreme value as those that had been conserved from our culturally rich history –in private, distinguished and nationally recognized collections on the one hand and in public museums and galleries on the other.

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Important Measures For Reform

Steps have been taken throughout history in great levels and numbers to help preserve this treasure of the ages.

Steps have been taken throughout history in great levels and numbers to help preserve this treasure of the ages, in the imminent forms of culture, heritage and likewise but progress of the Human species brings with it more innovation coupled with destructive norms than otherwise.

Unfortunately resulting in an unfortunately regressive delineation toward the new or upcoming generations, as such destroying the phenomenal values represented by the culture and heritage that we have borne through by means of our attempts in chronicling our saga.

The Silver Lining

There have been many commendable measures that have been officially recognized.

In spite of culture and heritage being jointly considered as a slowly vanishing or eminent phenomenon threatening to vanish (but not ever so imminently,) there have been many commendable measures that have been officially (thus nationally and likewise) recognized as some of the most important themes in the relevant prevailing (hence developing) constitutions.

These steps (to save our History, so to speak) have also determined the quality and value of the electorate commissions in most all nations of the world thus ascertaining the influence such an alarming need could have in a nation -with flailing culture or waning heritage, choosing its leaders.

UNESCO’s Commitment To Protecting Heritage

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has in fact commissioned the World Heritage Committee to meet once a year and consists of representatives from 21 of the States Parties to the Convention elected by their General Assembly.  While having been “implemented” (by the committee) to such an extent that it has the potential to aid state parties –financial assistance thus allocated by the World Heritage Committee, its use is also defined by the same.

At its first session, the Committee adopted its Rules of Procedure of the World Heritage Committee. The capability to determine the disposition of a property’s inscription as having belongings to the World Heritage List lies solely within the committee. This committee constantly monitors the state of perfection that these properties are in and makes regularly recognized reports of commissioned orders to State Parties to take appropriate such actions to bring back order through repairs to documented damage.

Culture Has Elephant Legs

Culture has elephant legs

With the added benefit of consistent human intervention, the most significant aspect(s) of life in all its “edges and avenues” has experienced sizeable influences in efforts for conservation and in the most routinely-urgent tangible cases, (Cultural) Reform. While the latter stands headstrong, consistently, during the historical span of time that has evidently extended throughout the ages -by tribal leaders, kingship and likewise in the beginning and other such World leaders in the present eras – the added influence of the World Customs Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization and the previously mentioned and described UNESCO are some of the many authorities that have taken such a valuable responsibility under their wings.

Notwithstanding, Citizens of nations in a largely non-discriminatory avenue have consistently shown their regard for the protection of Culture thus having conformed the recognition of the dangers that its disposition is experiencing. This added cautionary note among the World, predominantly prevalent in educational institutions have no only increased the awareness of the disappearing cultures but also, as a function of the establishments that propagate this information, enables the budding of intelligence in the relevant area giving for the leadership in such areas that emerge in their (leaders’) future to protect the apparently weakening Culture(s).

Culture And Heritage With Choices

It could be identified from this and many other accounts that Culture and Heritage albeit their tendencies to loom with discontentment and thus the threat of disappearing, do in fact enjoy a fair number of protective measures that keep them intact on our civilization’s soil, but it cannot be denied neither be ignored that Culture and Heritage is indeed fading an alarming rate when a larger cross section of our time is considered.

Also, in fact, for what it’s worth, protective measures are active and in place and contrariwise, thus logically barring peril of them fading to nonexistence.

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