08 Sep 2020

Native Americans And Their Struggles In Times Of Donald Trump

History Of Native Americans Native Americans are the Pre-Columbian era people living within the United States. Popularly known as American Indian, aboriginal American or First Nation person, although the term often refers to only those group of people whose territories were in present-day Canada and the United States. There are around 500 recognised Native American […]

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01 Jun 2018

Some Food Recipes They Are Known For

Food was sacred for the Lakotan people and the due respect was given to the food they consumed. They had many ways to find food from the environment they lived. Women as well as men had defined roles in the process of obtaining food. The Lakota were dependant on the Bison as their primary food […]

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13 May 2018

Common Names Associated With The Tribe

Among the Sioux nations, naming traditions differed greatly but were usually based on nature, gender, descriptions of the features and appearance of the baby, and totem animals. They had different names for girls and boys. A baby’s name could change in his or her adulthood and an individual could have more than one name in […]

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27 Mar 2018

5 Unique Lakota Cultural Values

The Lakota people consider the whole life as sacred. There are some values that they hold high and these are important for their ceremonies, beliefs, and teachings. Elders shared these values with the youngsters in their oral tradition and passed them to the subsequent generations. Wacantognaka or generosity is the first value taught which means […]

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05 Mar 2018

Popular Indian Tribes In The United States Of America

The United States is home to some 567 Native American tribes according to latest statistics from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Out of these, some are popular for their size, language, heritage and culture. Undoubtedly, Navajo is the largest and the most popular Indian tribe in the US with a population of around 340,000 […]

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12 Feb 2018

Greatest Lakota Leaders Who Ever Lived

For the Lakotas, their Chiefs, Holy men, Warriors, and the Medicine men were the leaders and greats. Throughout the history, there were many notable Lakota greats who fought for the freedom and rights of their people and hugely contributed to the progress and betterment of the tribe and the great Sioux nation as a whole. […]

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20 Jan 2018

Learning The Peoples Language

Lakota people speak the Lakota Teton or the Teton Sioux language which falls under one of the world’s primary language families, the Siouan-Catawban. Languages in this family can be broadly divided into two classes, the Western Siouan (Siouan proper) and the Catawban languages. The Siouan Proper languages are further categorized into Missouri river languages, Mandan, […]

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